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Fair Hill International 2016

October 23, 2016 Lifestyle 0

As an avid horsewoman, and a three-day event rider, Fair Hill International is one of my all-time favorite events to photograph each year. This year, I was especially blessed to be hired by The Equiery as one of their show photographers  making me an official member of the press for the sixth year in a row. How exciting! The day was gorgeous and what started out as chilly temperatures, soon warmed with the rise of the sun. All of the riders and horses were turned... Read more

Bernadette and Chuck the horse

October 13, 2016 Lifestyle 0

Eek! I got to do back-to-back equine photoshoots! This one was just outside of Baltimore at this gorgeous hunter/jumper farm. Bernadette and her big, goofy, sweet horse Chuck, made my day. He was an absolute goofball and full of personality which made these pictures special. The farm was picturesque and the weather was great which made for an easy day. I absolutely love my job, especially when it involves photographing horses!!! Read more

Shira and Bear the horse

October 10, 2016 Lifestyle 0

Another passion of mine that you may or may not know is horses! I have been riding horses since I was age six, and have been photographing them almost as long! So, when I get a request to do photos from a fellow equestrian, my heart sings! Shira and her very handsome horse, Bear, were an absolute pleasure to work with. Despite Bear getting a little excited a few times, he eventually settled in and allowed me to capture some beautiful moments between the two... Read more