Beth and Jimmy’s wedding was something that wedding photographers dream of. A wonderful couple, a supportive and willing bridal party topped off by a stunning venue and gorgeous weather. As one of my out of state weddings, I had never shot at Wyndridge Farms before. Due to being far away I never had a chance to visit the venue itself before wedding day but after extensive research and speaking with the venue coordinator, I felt confident as ever heading into their wedding day. I had seen beautiful images and heard wonderful things about the location but I couldn’t have been any more surprised at how truly wonderful the entire day was. Beth and Jimmy were so laid back and so obviously in love. The venue with it’s rustic feel complimented by Beth’s greenery and earthy accents couldn’t have been more perfect for this couple. The weather started out beautifully and then right after the ceremony a summer storm rolled through. We were able to snap one quick photo before I told the couple to run inside just as the sky opened up. Thankfully, the inside of the venue was just as gorgeous so we were able to continue shooting inside while we waited out the storm. Once it had passed the couple eagerly went back outside to continue shooting. The color of the sky was a rich blue and made the green of the freshly-wet grass really pop. Every moment of this wedding from start to finish was so beautiful and a joy to be a part of. I wish Beth and Jimmy all the very best in their new life together!