Have I ever mentioned to you how much I love summer weddings? Well this one wasn’t any exception! This couple was as sweet as the fragrant summer air and couldn’t have been any more precious. They had a beautiful church wedding ceremony followed by a reception at a local landmark- The Dutch’s Daughter (website here). Being the first of their friend groups to get married made for an overly fun time filled with excitement and joy around every corner. One of my favorite parts of the night was the couple’s surprise bridal party dance. They started out their first dance traditionally and then all of a sudden the DJ made a record scratch noise and BOOM! The lights flashed and the couple was joined in by their exceptionally-talented wedding party. I was so impressed by the dedication and commitment everyone had…and not too mention the talent! Reception guests were just as surprised and thrilled as I was and it made for one memorable evening. Congratulations to such a genuinely sweet couple. I wish you all the best in life!