People often ask why I put so much emphasis on engagement sessions. Well, first off they are fun! But more importantly, they are a chance for me to get to really know the couple. Now you might be thinking… “Tara, don’t you meet with the couple prior?” and the answer is yes! However in my 10+ years of wedding photography I have learned that people are often different when there is a lens in front of them. So engagement sessions are my chance to get to see the couple together and see how they are in front of my camera. It’s good to learn poses they prefer or don’t prefer, whether they feel they have a “best side” and how they interact naturally (for example: do I need to pose them or do they naturally flow into usable poses). With all that being said Amanda and Josh met every expectation and more. They were pleasant and very willing. Josh had quite a few pose ideas of his own which I was more than willing to go with! We shot on location at the beautiful Great Falls Park (website here) on the Maryland side. It was a warm late summer day but that didn’t stop Amanda and Josh from trying anything and smiling every second of it. What was most fun was their sense of adventure and willingness to try suggestions I had, even if they weren’t allowed according to park regulations. Oops!