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Callison & Max: a sweet summer wedding

July 14, 2016 Wedding 0

Have I ever mentioned to you how much I love summer weddings? Well this one wasn’t any exception! This couple was as sweet as the fragrant summer air and couldn’t have been any more precious. They had a beautiful church wedding ceremony followed by a reception at a local landmark- The Dutch’s Daughter (website here). Being the first of their friend groups to get married made for an overly fun time filled with excitement and joy around every corner. One of my favorite parts of... Read more

Amanda and Josh Engagement Session at Great Falls

July 13, 2016 Wedding 0

People often ask why I put so much emphasis on engagement sessions. Well, first off they are fun! But more importantly, they are a chance for me to get to really know the couple. Now you might be thinking… “Tara, don’t you meet with the couple prior?” and the answer is yes! However in my 10+ years of wedding photography I have learned that people are often different when there is a lens in front of them. So engagement sessions are my chance to get... Read more